Get to know Jeff Buck

Financial Advisor Honolulu Jeff Buck

Jeff Buck

Chief Investment Officer, Private Wealth Manager

Jeff plays a key role in the portfolio of every E.A. Buck client.

“I am passionate about informing clients about their financial options and helping them strategize for their overall financial well-being,” he says. “I enjoy listening to client needs and the challenge of finding appropriate solutions in an ever-changing financial market.”

Before joining the company, Jeff was an Executive Senior Director with Excel Communications, where he developed a marketing team of more than 1,000 representatives. During the early 2000s in southern California, he began a second career in real estate as an investor and property manager before joining E.A. Buck in 2004.

Jeff was born and raised in Hawaii. He attended Kaiser High School and then ventured to the mainland to attend college at San Diego State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in business.