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Upcoming Workshops

Our workshops are 100% complimentary and NON obligatory.

  • Please note due to limited seating, confirmation from our staff must be received in order to attend.
  • Limited seating available due to social distancing guidelines. All CDC COVID-19 protocols will be followed. All attendees must wear face coverings.
June 19
3 Post-Pandemic Steps to Retirement Planning
10:00 am | Kapolei,, HI
June 24
Biden’s Tax Plan 101
9:30 am | Lone Tree, CO
June 24
Biden’s Tax Plan 101
11:00 am | Lone Tree, CO
June 24
Biden’s Tax Plan 101
12:30 pm | Lone Tree, CO
July 10
3 Post-Pandemic Steps to Retirement Planning
10:00 am | Honolulu, HI
July 13
3 Post-Pandemic Steps to Retirement Planning
6:30 pm | Honolulu,, HI

Upcoming Webinars

Biden's Tax Plan 101

Topics for discussion:

Potential tax HIKES, tax BREAKS, and tax CREDITS! When it comes to Biden's tax plan, there's a lot to cover because there's a lot that can impact YOU and YOUR retirement plan. Join us for this complimentary interactive live webinar "BIDEN'S TAX PLAN 101" where we'll discuss and answer questions on:

• How your retirement can be impacted
• Ways to potentially reduce tax liabilities with the new tax plan
• Your potential loss in tax deductions
• Preparing for possible tax hikes through tax planning

How Tax Planning Changes Through 4 Stages of Retirement

Topics for discussion:

  • Tax questions to ask BEFORE retirement
  • Surprises that can make retirement more expensive
  • How to avoid the Social Security “tax trap”
  • Why tapping assets in the wrong order can trigger higher Medicare premiums
  • Action steps throughout the 4 stages of retirement
  • Mistakes to avoid when it comes to your investment portfolio, health care and estate

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