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At E.A. Buck, we believe everyone, regardless of income or net worth, should have the opportunity to learn the financial strategies of the wealthy. That philosophy along with 40 years of being the “difference” for hard working men and women in our community has earned us the recognition of being one of the fastest-growing firms in the nation.

This philosophy along with our Advisor First approach and our unique planning process has allowed us to expand to several new markets, with more on the way.

We are looking for the right people to join with us to grow and expand as we invest in them to do the same.

We Focus On Our Advisors So They Can Focus On Their Clients

Do you believe our industry has changed in the last 10 years? Do you believe it is going to change? We believe it will because we’ve seen it. Your business is changing. Commissions are fluctuating. Paperwork and compliance rules are growing. It is harder and harder to be an effective planner for your clients. At E.A. Buck, we focus on our advisors, so that they don’t face the roadblocks that you could be struggling with.

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Our Advisors Don’t Handle Paperwork

How can you be a planner, a paper processor, a marketer, and an office manager at all times and still put your client’s needs first? The answer is you can’t. That’s why we give our planners a full support staff that handles client coordination and business processing so that they can keep their focus on the client and even handle a larger portfolio. At E.A. Buck, we allow our planners to focus on what they do best – helping their clients meet their goals.

Our Advisors Don’t Chase Leads

Rising competition and advertising costs makes it harder for advisors to focus on planning. That’s why at E.A. Buck, we have a dedicated department to handle all of the marketing and phone-calling for our planners so that they can focus on their current clients – all while we create a steady flow of new business into their doors.

Our Advisors Have Our
"Secret Weapon"

Our advisors produce at 3X the industry average because they have our "secret weapon". An unfair advantage in our marketplace. There is a reason why E.A. Buck advisors will do more business than the average and we want to share with you exactly how we do it.

The Role

Our advisors help people plan for life’s big moments. By taking time to understand a clients’ unique needs, they’re able to present personalized solutions that are designed to help meet lifetime goals.

The planners at E.A. Buck have benefited from our knowledge that a planner performs best when they’re able to spend their time helping their clients, not wasting time on activities outside of that skill set. We don’t approach the financial services business the “old fashioned” way where the advisor does everything. Our unique process provides comprehensive marketing, directly set appointments and full business processing at no cost to our planners.

The Reward

Our financial advisors enjoy our “no ceiling” approach to business. We believe you should get what you give, so our compensation is always tied to your personal success. We also take pride in offering a comprehensive benefits package that includes profit sharing, 401(k) with match, medical, dental, vision and more.

But the financial advisor role goes beyond financial reward. Our planners are active members in our clients’ lives, working with them to find the solutions they need while helping them to achieve their goals.

The best reward is that you will have the opportunity to transition and grow your book of business by plugging into our business model, built to ensure the support great advisors need to accelerate their growth.

The Right Advisor

We are partnering with planners with an established client base and with 5+ years of serving clients.

Additionally, the best fit will have experience providing comprehensive planning, an ability to maximize E.A. Buck provided leads, a proven track record implementing multiple product solutions as well as the skills to develop, manage and retain strong client relationships.

If you recognize that further growth may be hindered by capacity issues, then we might be your solution!

When you’re ready to explore a rewarding career with E.A. Buck, contact us at or fill out the form below.

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Scott FangmanScott Fangman serves as Business Development Officer for E.A. Buck Financial Services. He works to build partnerships, acquisition and hiring opportunities between E.A. Buck and financial advisors operating across the industry. Scott is passionate about helping advisors grow their business and enhance their client's experience and remains available to answer any questions about joining E.A. Buck.

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